My research is embedded in two empirical contexts. The first context is the evaluation of safety of prescription drugs. How do patients evaluate risk communications by regulators about the drug that they are taking? How do medical scientists evaluate early evidence and advise the regulator about the approval or removal of a drug on the US market? Building on several databases including the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) and PubMed I provide insight in how actors use social and cognitive cues to address the uncertainty associated with incompleteness and ambiguity of evidence.

The second context that Tom DiPrete and I study concerns the evaluation of worth of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) employed by US corporations. How do boards benchmark the pay of their CEO and to what extent can micro-processes in benchmarking account for market level compensation outcomes? Building on a newly constructed dataset of all compensation peers that firms use when benchmarking the compensation of their CEO, we provide insight in one of the mechanisms that may account for the tremendous rise in CEO compensation over the past decades.